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Barbara, age 33, Quality Engineer 

“I was looking for a good job with a reasonable salary, new opportunities, a fresh start and I found it all in Belgium!" 

Being a 29 year old engineer, I was in for a positive change when I came to Belgium 4 years ago!


Every beginning is difficult and so was mine. My first months were definitely a challenge: 

  • a new country

  • a new (at first temporary) job

  • a new apartment (first months a very small studio)

  • a new language to learn: Dutch, not an easy language! I’m still taking classes and finally I’m getting good at it😊


Things got better all the way: I moved to a bigger apartment, later a house, I got a permanent and well paid job that offers me the chance to travel and help my family. I’m responsible for safety and health (HSSEQ) at a big international logistics company in Antwerp.

I met my boyfriend here and my friends and family visit me once in a while . My life is now in Belgium and that’s perfect.

What could have made things easier for me? Elan Recruiting! Mainly with all the administrative hassle, the renting and job search.


Would I recommend Belgium? Maybe the weather is not great but it is a very nice country with plenty of professional opportunities, a variety of activities for all ages and it offers stability and security to build a family.


So if you ask me: don’t hesitate and just jump!