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Barbara, age 33, Quality Engineer 

“I was looking for a good job with a reasonable salary, new opportunities, a fresh start and I found it all in Belgium!" 

Being a 29 year old engineer, I was in for a positive change when I came to Belgium 4 years ago!


Every beginning is difficult and so was mine. My first months were definitely a challenge: 

  • a new country

  • a new (at first temporary) job

  • a new apartment (first months a very small studio)

  • a new language to learn: Dutch, not an easy language! I’m still taking classes and finally I’m getting good at it😊


Things got better all the way: I moved to a bigger apartment, later a house, I got a permanent and well paid job that offers me the chance to travel and help my family. I’m responsible for safety and health (HSSEQ) at a big international logistics company in Antwerp.

I met my boyfriend here and my friends and family visit me once in a while . My life is now in Belgium and that’s perfect.

What could have made things easier for me? Elan Recruiting! Mainly with all the administrative hassle, the renting and job search.


Would I recommend Belgium? Maybe the weather is not great but it is a very nice country with plenty of professional opportunities, a variety of activities for all ages and it offers stability and security to build a family.


So if you ask me: don’t hesitate and just jump!

Elan Recruiting provides professional support that helps candidates find an exciting job in Belgium. We offer guidance and  advice throughout the entire process


As experienced HR professionals, Elan Recruiting also offers traditional human resources consultancy services to help companies with their HR strategy and HR programmes








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