Belgium: good place to work and live 

Reasons to come and work in Belgium!


As a starting engineer, you will earn an average of € 2 368 with a Bachelor's degree. With a master's degree you will earn a little more, around  € 2 745 a month. With 5 years of experience you will earn on average between € 3 128 and € 3 514 per month. If you have more experience and have worked over 20 years, your salary as an engineer is on average between € 4 223 and € 5 289. 

In addition to a good wage, engineers also receive fringe benefits. More than 70% of engineers see their salary increase with an end-of-year bonus. A pension plan or group insurance policy receives around 80% of them. 75% of engineers receive hospitalization insurance on top of their wages. Meal vouchers are reserved for 75 to 77% of them. A company car is also popular: 57% of non-executives get one, compared to 71% of executives. 60% of non-executives and 81% of executives receive a mobile phone.
In addition, engineers also have an average of 28 vacation days per year.