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Julian, age 29, Civil Engineer 

“I’ve found a lot of opportunities in Belgium and I was able to get my career on track”

I moved to Belgium in January 2018. In my first job I worked as a project engineer in a small-scale engineering office. It felt good to finally work in the field I studied for (civil engineer-construction)! 

At that time I didn’t speak any Dutch… but I realized very quickly that learning Dutch was a priority if I wanted to grow and get an interesting career.

So I jumped right into it! I must admit that Dutch is not an easy language to study, especially for Latin people. It is a challenge but nevertheless, with the right motivation, commitment and a lot of practice I’ve achieved a good level of knowledge. And it was my employer who paid for the course.   

I also followed an integration course that is provided by the Belgian government for all newcomers. There I learned more about Belgium, its culture and habits but also practical matters like administration, insurance, public transport, taxes,…And not unimportant: you can follow the course in your own language and in the weekends.


If you wonder what I think about Belgium and Belgian people… well I can assure you: most of them are very polite and helpful. And it’s a really nice country where everything is at close range. You can cross the country from north to south in only 3 hours by car.

It’s true that the climate is quite different from the climate in my home country (Gran Canaria) but in the meanwhile I’ve got used to the different seasons and you can always look for comfort in beer and chocolate.😊

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