Your privacy


We value your privacy!

We want to process your personal data in a legal, correct and transparent way. This privacy statement explains which of your personal data (natural person) are processed and why. Your rights to guarantee and possibly improve your privacy are also explained. 


1. Who are we?

Your data are processed by ELAN RECRUITING, having its registered office at Sint-Truidersteenweg 15, bus 6, 3540 Herk-De-Stad and registered in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises with number 0724.934.646. In our organization the data are only accessible to people who need to have access to this data to do their job.

2. Which of your personal details do we process?

In principle we only collect your professional contact data.

2.1 Data we collect directly:

To know who you are:

  • Title

  • Name

  • First name

  • Position

  • Address

To contact you:

  • Telephone number

  • Mobile number

  • E-mail address

  • Language

To draw up invoices or make payments:

  • Bank account number

The aforementioned data are collected and processed with the following basis: “the need for the execution of the agreement” or “our legitimate interest”, if ELAN RECRUITINGhas a customer/supplier relationship with you.

If ELAN RECRUITINGdoes not have a customer/supplier relationship with you yet, i.e. when ELAN RECRUITINGwants to contact you as a potential customer/prospect, ELAN RECRUITINGwill only register your data with your explicit permission.


2.2 Public data and data we collect indirectly:

This may concern data, for example, that is subjected to a duty to publish, such as the publication of your appointment as director of a company, or data you made public, such as information on your website, etc.

It may concern data that are public, for example, because they are generally known in your region or because they appeared in the press. Information on, for example, the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, TrendsTop, Graydon and Atradius also falls under this.


2.3 Everything you tell us can be processed:

If you contact us by telephone, we can record your name and surname and your phone number to make a contact overview and to see who uses our services.


3. Why do we collect your personal data?

Depending on the situation ELAN RECRUITING needs certain personal information to be able to offer certain services. The information ELAN RECRUITING requests and which allow us to identify you, is called personal data.

Here below you can find out for each situation why ELAN RECRUITING requests these personal data and what your personal data will be used for.

Depending on the case your data are used for the following purposes:

  • For contacts at customers

Your data are necessary to correctly execute the agreement you reach with us. Because you conclude a contract with us we need to have the necessary personal data to be able to offer our services specified in the contract.

For contacts with prospects, in the context of a possible collaboration in the future, we collect your contact data with your explicit permission.

This chiefly concerns the sending of information in the context of:

  • Exchange for the availability of workers

  • Spontaneous presentations of candidate workers

  • Invitations and information about training courses

  • Invitations for events in the context of a professional co-operation, network event

The personal data are collected in administrative and accounting terms. If you don't want your personal data to be processed in this context, we are unable to carry out the services reached contractually with us.

  • Potential new contacts by giving a business card: 
    If you gave us your business card, we will include you in our database. We assume that when you give your card you also give your explicit permission to be included in our database.

Furthermore, we also save the publicly accessible data we find about you in our database. We assume we are also allowed to save your personal data as you made it publicly accessible.

  • For suppliers
    the personal data that are necessary for the execution of the agreement are collected. This chiefly concerns surname, name, phone number and e-mail address of contacts for easy communication.


4. Who receives my personal data?

In principle your personal data are not transferred to other parties.

ELAN RECRUITING processes this personal data in accordance with the purposes specified under item 3. Only the employees in our organization, which need your personal data to do their job, will be able consult it.

When organizing events we can transfer your personal data (such as name and surname) to external parties which organize the events and this solely for organizational reasons and also in the context of security.

We work with a number of third parties who can also view your personal data. It concerns the following recipients:

  • Accountants in the context of tax support

  • ICT-service providers

  • Organizations as a function of external audits

  • Official authorities in the context of the legal obligations ELAN RECRUITING needs to respect.

5. How long are my personal data saved?

Your personal data are saved for as long as is necessary to achieve the objectives specified under item 3.

For administrative reasons ELAN RECRUITING will archive your name and surname, as they cannot be erased from possible reports of visits, etc. Your contact data are no longer actively stored.

However, customers/suppliers must notify themselves if a particular employee left their company, so that ELAN RECRUITING knows that this person's personal data may no longer be used in the context of our services.

Of course we save your personal data in accordance with any legally required terms and possible limitation periods that apply.


6. Which rights can you exercise to guarantee the protection of your personal data?


6.1 You can access your data

If you want to see which of your personal data we process, you can exercise your right of access.

ELAN RECRUITING shall provide the most detailed overview as possible of your personal data that are kept. We can now already confirm that no special categories of personal data are kept (such as race, ethnic origin, health data, data concerning sexual orientation, etc.).

A copy of the collected personal data can be provided.


6.2 You can have your data rectified

In case of changes in your personal data (such as name, address, e-mail address, etc.), you can always have this rectified or completed.


6.3 You can have your data deleted

If you believe that we process certain personal data on an unlawful basis, i.e. without a correct purpose you can request the erasure of your personal data.

In any case ELAN RECRUITING is entitled to keep your personal data in the event a legal limitation period imposes this.


6.4 You can request a restriction of the processing of your personal data

If your data are incorrect and you requested a rectification of your personal data or you believe we are processing your personal data on an unlawful basis, you can request a restriction of the processing of your personal data.

This means that we are only allowed to continue processing your personal data with your consent. We may continue to save your personal data, but are not allowed to process it without your consent, except in the context of legal proceedings, for the protection of natural persons or legal entities or for grave reasons of general interest.


6.5 You can request the transmission of your personal data directly to a third party

If you want, you can request ELAN RECRUITING to directly transmit the data you provided to us, to a third party. The GDPR does lay down a number of restrictions of this right, so that this does not apply in all cases. Naturally this needs to be investigated on a case per case basis.


6.6 Sometimes you can refuse that your data are processed fully automatically.

Some data processing and processes is fully automated without human intervention.

If you don't agree with a fully automated process, you can object to this, so that your personal data are no longer processed in this way.

Again, a number of exceptions apply, which need to be evaluated on a case per case basis.


6.7 You can withdraw your consent

When your personal data are processed based on consent (see 3), you can withdraw this consent at all times. In this case ELAN RECRUITING will have to remove your personal data.

You can exercise your rights by filling out the request form, available on this page, and clearly specifying which right you want to exercise. For content-related questions about this GDPR policy of ELAN RECRUITING, please send a message to

Furthermore, we inform you that at all times you can lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority if you think we don't respect your rights as specified above.


7. We protect your personal data

ELAN RECRUITING does all it can to protect your personal data as well as possible and to protect your privacy as much as possible. ELAN RECRUITING adopts all technical and organizational measures required for this, because we value your privacy!


8. Changes to this privacy statement

This privacy statement is not a static document. It can and shall change over time. You will be notified of any changes on time.